A wake up call to our iman

Islam is awake but it’s participants are in deep slumber. Teachings of our noble prophet Muhammad SAW are in accordance and never changing, but different routes are used in following them which leads us to deviating from our religion. Humanity is now only a word used in sentences but not action wise.

Wa’iyazubillah, Muslim ummah are forsaking their identities in almost all sections due to stigmatization by some favored dignitaries. Where have we left our Hadith and our qur’an? A man was asked by a non-believer why he kept his beard during an examination ( a doctors thing), he responded with “ my father is my village’s head and I am the successor, it is a requirement as a candidate for honor and what not” he couldn’t say the Islamic reason due to fear of being ousted or even failed.

Another was asked for a donation to build a mosque and he ignorantly said “ innamal aamalu bin niyyat ” yeah of course everything we do is base on our intentions, but we offen use that Hadith No.1 of the annawawi wrong. Lots of people are ever ready to single handle all costs of building that mosque, but u were approached so that you get of part of the reward for Sadaqa-aljariya. If one person does it singly he alone would get that benefit.

You are over 40years and you are straying from the acts of goodwill, the only act that would continue even after your death, so when you would you prepare for your hereafter? At that age, do you think you would repeat a quarter of that 40 years?

You that is 20years, you are acting young and foolish, do you think you have the next even 5 years with guarantee? It is unfortunate how rapid we are failing in our religious duties. May Allah SWA guide us along the righteous path and forgive our shortcomings.

P.s forgive me and correct me if I am wrong or you feel attacked.☹️

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